Welcome to the online database of 20th-21st Century British and Irish studio pottery marks.

The aim is to provide collectors with a searchable database of photos of potter's and pottery marks and monograms - see Blog for Search tips.

The emphasis is on Studio Pottery rather than Production wares such as Poole or the factories in Stoke-on-Trent.

The marks of British and Irish potters who have moved abroad, and foreign potters who have potted in the UK and Ireland, will be included.

Feel free to send photos and info of the more obscure marks out there; especially ones with labels from the 70s era which was practically the Dark Ages as far as online records are concerned.

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Please also check out

  • The 3rd Edition of the British Studio Potters' Marks book, edited by James Hazlewood. Published by Bloomsbury

    ISBN10 1408183501

    ISBN13 9781408183502

  • The Marks Project of US studio pottery marks:
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This is a free service, run by collectors, for collectors. I hope that new and not-so-new potters will submit their marks so they can be saved for posterity.

It is inevitable that misattributions will creep in so please let us know if you spot one.

If you cannot find your mark on here then please upload your query to the ID My Pottery forum on or to the British Studio Pottery Mystery Pots Group on Facebook.

Please do not base your ID on the mark alone; consider the form, clay and glaze too. Various potters around the world have used similar marks. Currently, this website only offers a basic search facility. Please check the British Studio Pottery Marks book for additional biographical info, and compare your pot to those on Pinterest and Google images.