Text Box

The Text box will only search on text ‘as it is written’ in the database. The advantage is that if you only have a partial word, potter or pottery name, then it will search for it. But it’s not like Google where you can put a string of search words in and it’ll use a boolean search to pull up all the relevant material. This Text box will leave out searches if there’s a misplaced dash or space or word – iphones have an annoying feature of automatically adding a space after a word when you hit enter, and I didn’t initially add spaces after surnames in the database. I’m going through it and adding them but it’ll take time. If you can’t find a potter then just search on the first or last name.

There is also the Quick Text Search on the Home Page where you can search on a pottery or potter’s name without having to use the full Search function at the top of the page (or on the drop down menu on the smart phone version).