5000 Entry Milestone

Back in November 2022 I passed the 5000 potter/pottery milestone and I’m now coming up to 5530 entries. For each Potter and/or Pottery I try to have several examples of their marks so that’s almost 15,000 records in the database.

I’m not sure what criteria they used for entry to the 3rd edition of the BSPM book but they left a lot of post Millennial potters out. They also left a lot out from the 2nd edition, where the potter had set up after the publication of the 1st edn in the 70s and had either retired or died or moved abroad before the 2nd edition came out in the late 90s. I’m slowly filling the gap as pots with labels appear online and on the bric-a-brac shelves, but for some potters a label and a sole example of their work is the only trace we have of them. And some potters have disappeared completely so I only have the Pottery name and address. It seemed a shame to leave them out due to the lack of info so I’ve added them to the database.