Oops, editing old entries

I’ve discovered a lot of early entries with unticked shape boxes – circle, square, etc. Not sure if it was my fault when I was originally imputing the marks, or if there was a glitch in the programme when we were editing the boxes to add additional ones, but I have about a thousand to check through this week. Some shapes I’m not sure about – could be a circle or a square, or a square or a rectangle – so I’m ticking extra shape boxes just to cover all the bases. I don’t have a box for some shapes, like hexagon and pentagon, so I’m adding the word in the text box, but the text box has very limited search functionality so if you have to use it just put one word or letter string in. For ovals I’ve ticked the circle box unless it’s a long oval where I’m ticking the rectangle box. I also need to edit some of the tick box names, such as Sun which I’ve used if it’s a star shape.