More Editing “/”

Because the database was set up primarily as a search site for marks I wasn’t too diligent in the way I entered the text such as names and addresses. But having used it on and off to search for the biographical details of various potters I’ve realised that has limited it’s use when searching on their full name or shortened first name. Previously I may have put in William / Bill, or Anthony / Tony, or Christopher / Chris, followed by their surname, but the website only searches on text as it is written, so it’s not going to find William Hedge or Anthony Dasent or Christopher Barnes unless I edit the entries. So that’s what I’m currently doing. Only another 4000 entries to go.
“/ ” in a name denotes the various versions of the same name rather than different people at the pottery. Assume that if there is a shortened version of their full name then that is the one they commonly used