Changing attributions

Every so often I fall down the rabbit hole of an attribution which I thought was correct and now have serious doubts about. The latest one is Annette Christopher’s AC mark. For many years it has been assumed that 70s-style slab built vases and letter racks with just an AC stamp were by Annette Christophers, despite the fact that her AC stamp has a circle round it. Christophers has been potting for over 50 years so it was possible it’s an unrecorded mark for her, but I’ve changed my mind. I now think it stands for Acanthus Crafts (potter unknown). Several Acanthus Crafts pieces have turned up recently with a label, and with or without an AC stamp. The glaze colours are similar to letter racks attributed to Christophers. They are also slab built, with applied decoration. Unfortunately I haven’t found a letter rack with a label so I can’t be 100% positive they are by Acanthus Crafts but for now I’m going to amend both entries and remove this AC mark from Christopher’s one.